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Real world UX vs. University UX 101

Akanksha Hirokawa
February 23 2017

For those who want to foray into the field of User experience (UX) design, it should be noted that the elements of UX that you learn at university are very different to real life experiences in the industry.

UX design is often integrated into undergraduate university courses - not a course in itself, but you can major in UX design if you opt for a Bachelors in Information Technology and want to escape the lifetime of coding that looms ahead. However, if making the digital experience easier for people to use sounds like something you want to devote a large chunk of your life to, then reading this article may help you become UX design industry-ready.

Categories: User research,User centred design

Usability testing versus expert views: a comparison of usability evaluation methods

Tania Lang, Michael Zrobok
December 07 2016

Here at Peak our preferred usability evaluation method is to conduct testing of a site or system with real representative users. In this article we explore the pros and cons of expert reviews versus usability testing and draw on a recent project which had some unexpected outcomes which triggered this article.

Categories: Evaluation,ROI,Content,Tools & methods,User centred design

UX lessons from the 2016 Census

Tania Lang
August 11 2016

The main issues which had a dramatic effect on data quality and the user experience of the 2016 Australian census were largely related to the design of the delivery and distribution process, offline support and technical issues but we can still learn a lot from the #censusfail both in terms of process and UX design.

Categories: User research,Service design

Research & testing: the importance of context. The Soviet bomb dog story.

David Humphreys
May 12 2016

How the Soviet Unions military training from the 1930's (aka The Soviet bomb dog story) is informing usability testing and research in 2016.

Categories: Service design,User research

Remote Usability Testing - A Christmas ghost story

David Humphreys
December 01 2015

Some usability testing with real users is always better than none. If time and budget are short there are some great online tools out there to get the job done.

Categories: Usability testing

Responsive disclosure, forms & Frodo Baggins

Milena Jovanovich and David Humphreys
November 01 2015

Responsive disclosure is an effective design pattern to reduce the cognitive load on users who are completing a form or process. Learn in this article about how to implement it successfully.

Categories: Design patterns
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