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Moderating usability test sessions: Are you Darth Vader or C-3PO?

Miranda Wee and Tania Lang
August 23 2017

Helping participants’ complete tasks; tipping them off that they have made a mistake; giving them too much freedom or leading participants; these are all things inexperienced test moderators might find themselves doing when moderating a test session. This article explores some of the common mistakes and why they’re damaging to the test outcomes presented through 5 Star Wars archetypes. Learn how to be a good test moderator and how to avoid being one of these 5 archetypes.

Categories: Usability testing,User centred design,Tools & methods

Remote Usability Testing - A Christmas ghost story

David Humphreys
December 01 2015

Some usability testing with real users is always better than none. If time and budget are short there are some great online tools out there to get the job done.

Categories: Usability testing

8 Lessons in Mobile Usability Testing

Tania Lang
May 01 2013

If you’re new to mobile usability testing, fear not. It is not as hard as you might think but there are some key differences from testing a traditional website in a lab that you need to be aware of.

Categories: Usability testing,Mobile & Tablet

Testing on tablets

Dan Seward
December 02 2011

There are a few pieces of information coming together to tell us how important designing and testing with the tablet actually is.

Categories: Usability testing,Mobile & Tablet

Usability testing your new site information architecture

David Humphreys and Tania Lang
October 23 2009

How to build a white site to quickly test your IA.

Categories: Information Architecture,Usability testing
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