Mobile web

One of our goals at Peak Usability is to increase awareness and adoption of good usability and user centred design practices. The following is a list of sites and articles we hope you will find useful.

Title Author / Company Comment
Smartphone template for paper prototype testing Peak Usability Download our smartphone template, print or stick on card, cut out the slits, then feed through your mobile paper prototype to test with users.

Designing Usable Mobile Websites

Peak Usability This Peak Usability high-level guide outlines how to approach critical topics in mobile site design including key usability guidelines for crafting your mobile website.

Harry Brignull's 90% of Everything

Harry Brignull How to make your own iPhone usability testing sled for £5.

The Claw - Mobile device usability testing jig

Patrick Kennedy Overview of the process Patrick went through to create his own jig with instructions on how to do it yourself.

"Usability Sleds" - Camera mounts for usability testing of mobile devices

Psychster Inc Overview of different camera mounts and sleds and requirements for camera mounts.

A User-Centered Approach To Web Design For Mobile Devices

Lyndon Cerejo This article looks at the user experience for mobile websites accessed from mobile phones.

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 - Best practice statements

W3c This document specifies best practices for delivering web content to mobile devices.